How do you ensure reliable rent collection?

We ensure reliable rent collection through our “Zero-Tolerance” collection policy which eliminates delinquency and non-payments.  Our collection team does their best to be fair and understanding to tenants, but we also know our property owners depend on reliable rent collection.  Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, our rent collection success rate has been over 99%. With Bahia Property Management, owners enjoy having a reliable source of income every month.

How do you handle emergency situations that require immediate attention, such as flooding?

We have a 24-hour Emergency Response Line to handle urgent issues, including flooding and electrical issues.  Our dedicated team is available around the clock to promptly address emergency situations. As a busy landlord, you can focus on your priorities while we take care of your rental properties.

What tenant screening process do you employ to ensure leasing to qualified tenants?

We screen every tenant who moves in. We review their credit, background, employment, income, and rental history. We know all the red flags to avoid, so you won’t have to deal with a problem tenant later. Bahia’s thorough screening process ensures that we lease to qualified tenants.

What is your 12 Month Tenant Guarantee, and how does it benefit property owners?

We offer a 12 Month Tenant Guarantee, which means if a tenant we place is removed within the first year, we’ll replace the tenant without charging a lease fee (please note this only pertains to Bahia’s portion of the fees.  If a 3rd party broker brings in a new tenant through MLS, then their commission will still apply). This guarantee ensures that you have a qualified tenant in your home and provides peace of mind to our property owners.

Do you charge any hidden fees for repairs or services, or mark up the cost of repairs?

There are no hidden fees.  Unlike some management companies, we do not charge a percentage of maintenance bills, nor do we receive any kickbacks from the vendors we employ.  We upload all vendor receipts to your online owner account, so you’ll know exactly the cost of each repair.  Our broker has even signed an affidavit stating that Bahia Property management does not charge any hidden fees, upcharges or get kickbacks from vendors.

How do you ensure transparency in financial transactions and expenses?

We ensure transparency by uploading all vendor receipts to your online owner account. This allows you to have a clear view of all expenses associated with your rental property.

Who prepares the lease agreements at your company, and how does it protect the interests of property owners?

Our lease agreements are prepared by our attorney who specializes in Landlord Tenant Law. Our attorney-drafted lease protects your interests as a property owner and ensures that all necessary legal aspects are covered.

Do you create move-in/move-out reports with photos of the property?

Yes, we create detailed move-in/move-out reports with photos that show your property in detail. These reports help keep tenants accountable for any damages they may cause during their tenancy.

How do you manage tenant-related issues and ensure compliance with lease agreements and community regulations?

Our team has years of experience resolving tenant problems. We proactively address issues and make sure your tenant complies with the lease and community regulations. Our goal is to maintain a harmonious and compliant rental environment.

Is your staff fully bilingual?

Yes, our team is English-Spanish bilingual.  Several areas in Florida have large Hispanic communities, and our bilingual team makes renting in these communities easier. We can effectively communicate and cater to the needs of bilingual tenants and property owners.

Are you accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

Yes, we are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and hold an A rating. BBB accreditation stands for the highest standards of business conduct, and our accreditation reflects our commitment to providing excellent property management services.

Do you cater to international clientele, and what services do you offer for international property owners?

Yes, we have experience managing properties for owners from over 23 countries. We understand the unique needs and challenges that international property owners may face. We can assist with various services, including home sales and addressing tax ID issues for international investors.

What is your 120 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, and what does it cover?

We are committed to excellence in customer service. Our 120 Day Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that if you’re not thrilled about the way Bahia works after 120 days, we’ll refund your management fees. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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